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Nov. 20th, 2007

the days go by so fast!

Sorry for being a bad scribble sister over the weekend, was in Brissie with mum and just didn't get a chance to do anything, got back yesterday arvo and was in a mad panic about paperwork for teacher's registration.  But its all good, fixed it up this morning so now I can show you some lovely things..

um first up a lovely little illustrator who just makes me wish I could draw..
Andrea Joseph

oh way cute shoes! I just love her use of tone and shading

so real, she does quite a few purses, I especially love the train ticket, its spot on like the ones we got in London.

Next is an incredible designer, her website is amazing, i just love all the crazy little details..
Gibbous Fashions and she loves moths like me!

Now for a little vintage seller on Etsy who has just found the best stuff!

I love this 50's Spinner heart just adorable!

and a beautiful art deco moth which i just love..

She just has the cutest goodness!

Now i'm gonna finish with At Whim just cause I love this illustration!

just makes you want to find a book and a tree..

OK the moment you have been waiting for... crazy self portraits..

My Apple

my fab apple necklace my dad found me in Italy.


How art thou to wear odd shoes?

With help from the beautiful book of Manolo Blanhik's hand drawn shoes..

PS.  The reason for this photo is... I can not find the friend for either of these shoes, so they are now offically an item!

The next theme is....


Have fun xooxoxox

Nov. 18th, 2007

(no subject)

after ur nerdy but cute scrabble moment, i found these while searching for something completely different! scrabble journals!

she also makes little works of art on the back of the scrabble squares and has them in little tins, really cute.

LittlePut Books

a really random sort of etsy shop, im not sure if im weirded out by their stuff or fascinated. They use vintage things to make cushions bags, clutches and watch cases

she is Ivan & Lucy

this artist is stunning, Ive printed out several of her pictures for my moleskine,  i like our posts cause they are goodies for our hungry journals!
she is ArtandGhosts

ok now onto the self portraits! this one is the crystal theme, its an old crystal broach of mums from her 20s

'Flowers on her Chest"

and here is the randommmmmmm apple photo, took me ages to think of what to do lol I have like 100 shots of apples in the end i just gave up and went with this lol

"Apple in her Eye"

thats all from me this morning!!! cant wait to see ur post!

oh the next theme is shoes/feet cause im obsessed!

Nov. 16th, 2007

oh happy days..

Well what a lovely entry.. Isabella's World looks like my mind, its just amazing! What a talent.. My printer got a workout cause I couldn't decide which ones I wanted in my journal!

Well I seem to have lots of lovely arty ladies today..

My first artist AnneJulie's Garden... a lovely little french girl with very enchanting work..

How much fun would that be!

This is one of my favourites! Just so sweet..

This next lovely lady is also very very sweet... A Fanciful Twist

I love her use of mixed media..

oh just makes me want to go to the ballet...

Next belle & boo another delightful artist who appears to live within a children's book..

I think all of these lovely ladies must be friends  or at least I hope they are..

oh so beautiful just like a picture book!

she has the cutest little brooches too!

and my final little chicky is a Aussie girl who was featured in Frankie last month! Couldn't believe it when I stumbled across her, just love her work, its so nice to see her on Etsy, tres chic!
She is.. Catherine Campbell and her shop's name is Folk Lover

so lovely, she has so many amazing works I just love them all so much but this next one has to me one of my favourites for obvious reasons...

she is just so beautiful and whimsical! love it..

Ok so here is my photo for today's theme crystals! it was a challenge but here it is..my take on one of my favourite tales...

The Never Ending Story...

Gee that was fun! Hope you enjoy! I just thought they were all so lovely.

OK so the next theme is.... APPLE! just cause I can!


wild goodies

the randomness today that is THE OWL SCARF!!

im not sure if i think its kitch or just plain ugly lol, so undecided that i though I'd post it anyway. She has sold a few so they must be cute lol
this girl is WooScarf
her moto is
1/2 animal, 1/2 scarf...100% adorable
which is kinda cute

this girls name jumped out at me in my trawlings through the pages and finally i clicked on her shop and oh its so beautiful! its just yummy inky goodness!

Isabella's Art

look its us!

i could post everything on her page lol i love them!

something owly for you a little owl cluth

rather lovely me thinks!

right eli has woken up so i cant post anymore! but i shall leave you with my self portrait taken at 7am this morning lol!

i call it Morning Dew

the next theme shall be.....crystals. have fun!!!!

Nov. 15th, 2007

The dancer within...

What have I got for you today..

I think I will start with cute as bobby pins by Sneakdesign. Its like having your very own fairytale in your hair!

I love her little label design too.

Next, I saw these in Frankie a few months ago and stumbled across the this morning on the net, very clever..
This ones name is Maude (how very nanna!) and the designer is Annalaura

I want one that looks like me! lol

I just couldn't resist this photo of a yummy present wrapped up in brown paper.. the best way to give gifts!

So here is a page from my moleskin, my little creative companion at the moment.

This page is devoted to an incredible French designer..  manon gignoux
An incredible designer, I just love her biography, so very inspiring..

oh and here is the material i bought today...  yummmmmm I am really into that old mustard colour for some reason right now, reminds me of sunshine.

Can't wait to start making little postcard purses with lovely Parisian quotes on them.

So now onto my ACEO cards... The dancer series..

so there you go.... they are from some old books I found in an old post office in Bangalow for $1 each. 

Oh finally the theme for today's self portrait is HAT...

So here you go,

My enchanted beret..

Biggest post yet! yippeee! xo

morning STARSHINE!

well i just hearted ur stuff to bitsssssssssssss so now im plodding along waiting for pages to load lol so i can give you some goodness
for valentines day im making you a boquet of buttons!

i just think they are the sweetest! she has a heap of them on her etsy shop lots of different combinations!

appealing to my witchy side these amazing knitted goddesses! she custom makes them fills them with beautiful herbs! oh i so want the pattern for it

green fingers

shes devine!

something soooo silly but made me smile this morning
couple buttons for the cute and nerdy

this is the buttonempire

and last from me before i run off and hair dryer my wool to make it dry faster lol is this adorable girl on esty called theblackapple
her prints so darkly beautiful

The Black Apple

thats all from me xoxox

Nov. 14th, 2007

A new beginning... again Bits and more bits!

Oh scribble sisters how I have missed you, but don't worry I am back and I've bought with me lots and lots of goodness.  So i think I will start with all the crazy things I have found...

First up.. cute as little buttons by a lovely aussie girl called Lara. CUTE AS!

Cause I have so much to get through I won't chatter on about everything but how cute are they...

Next the also adorable little odd forest
Just the funniest little characters and great use of felt...

oh so funny, i just love the mushroom!

what next... hmmm oh check this out, i found it randomly on someone's site, its a library catalogue card and you can make your own and as you can see i went all Alice in Wonderland on it...

you can make your own here. So very very nerdy but i just LOVE it!

One more for today and i will save some for tomorrow or else i will run out... lol

i found these and i just thought they were so me... and well very nerdy again but hey who doesn't love scrabble

Scrabble Brooches by Shelbyville for the ultimate scrabble player.. found at an Aussie handmade site madeit.

so there you have it for today, my funny little collection, not even anything you can actually where really but hey i love it.

I will be back tomorrow with more crazy findings... including my very own ACEO cards.. ooo should be fun.

PS.  Here is a photo i took today with my lovely orange roses i bought myself..
I was trying to catch the afternoon sunlight.

its just called.. rose


Oct. 12th, 2007

yawns im still alive!!!

 gosh im sooo sorry i havent posted in two days, im a bit sleep deprived elis being a nightmare not sleeping refuseing milk so i havent had time to post much yet plus everytime i look i cant seem to find anything reallly good!! which is way anoying

I found a cute little artist called megan nole
her print the fairytale prince was beautiful

she also knits and spinns her own wool and makes these amazing scarves i just love them!!

Meagan Nole

this girl onlj has always drawn me in with her words and beaitiful photos they are so simple but so stunning

highlights of her lj are

I just adore her whole feel and shes lives around where i used to live in the uk lol how bizzare

a brooch i could see you wear at the botton of one of your adorable of fashioned skirts
is this stunning little antique chair

and without even knowing till just now! the girl who sells this adorable little brooch is non other than tilly bloom lol the curious girl u posted about lol I just went to get her addi to paste in here and saw pics that id seen before and looked again and realised omg its the same chick! go us

felting is such a cool process! i really want to get into it, because it looks so amazing finished!
her is something for the owl lover inside u

handbag called Owl away lol its felted and OH so cute!!
shes called TreeParty not much in her shop i liked but the bag was cute!! 
Tree Party

thats it from me cause im soo tired lol, but ill keep looking as much as i can!
sorry again its taken me forevers!

Oct. 8th, 2007

Daily Delights #6 'Curiouser and Curiouser'

So tonight my little post is all about... crazy bling! After being sooo inspired by your amazing Alice find I couldn't help myself and took a little search this evening into the world of 'Curious Jewellery'.

So I have two crazy critters for you tonight....

The first the first boy to grace the pages of SS i think.  Introducing Robin Miller..

"The quirky pages of Victorian era novellas and other intriguing bits of ephemera are the materials artist Robin Miller assembles to create his magical works of art." lovely I thought for a little artist boy.

These are adorable little miniature collages that you can wear!

Just loved that a boy could create such cuteness..

Next is the adorable, riot of a character Tilly Bloom (cute name to boot!)

How hot is that! I just love her whole collection! Its like falling into an art book and coming out covered in typewriter bling!

And a book shelf bangle! Hot to trot!

And cause its a school night I am afraid thats the end of my little selection for today.

Stay tuned. x

ps. My tea towel came today, its sooo cute! Already found a very cute spot for it and its definately not in the kitchen!

the sky is dark today.

 so here i am again, in the slowly heating up day looking for things to make you smile. playing up to you alice in wonderland obsession, here is something beautiful!!!

from a cute girl on etsy called adorapop she calls this the Alice in wonderland secret door pendant! isnt it just devine!
all her things are stunning has that look about them!

she calls her work 
'A collection of creative ramblings from a land where everyone lives in castles and the seas are filled with wonderful creatures.'aw shes too cute!

onto felt! this little find was by accident lol but glad i found her little purses!

they are sooooooooo simple and yet sooo kitch!

gosh its harder and harder to find things cool enough!

last but not least this adorable little drawer!

this ones called the little bandits

and this one is called why so blue.

her drawings have so much emotion! i love simple but deep drawings.

enjoy my dear, wish i had more but elis just woken up and is wanting a feed!

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