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November 2007

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Daily Delights #2

So after your absolutely beautiful goodness this morning I feel that my little finds this afternoon are just cute not like OMG Kate Sutton! 
Well here they are anyway, just cause I had too, your just way lucky you found her! lol

So first up is the very cute and crazy moments of Handmade by Lupin I just loved her crazy little felt buttons, brooches and crazy moustaches (not sure how well they would sell but I just thought they were sooo quirky!)
It was after looking around her shop for a while I stumbled upon this 'Library Project Zine' and she now has me completely won over.
 I just thought this was a beautiful idea as I too secretly love all the little notes and messages you find in books, I think I may even have to start my very own. :)

So my next little bit of cuteness was a late find in search for more owl goodness, cause I just can't get enough.  Moon Parade appeared from the depths of an Etsy search and I was a bit excited!
These very cute little tags and lovely bits of stationary put a smile on my face..
Doesn't get much cuter than a winking owl!

So my very last bit of goodness before I go to bed is the goddess of the sewing machine Lori Marie and her very very sweet little felt bits and pieces she says '...reminds me of a pile of sugar cookies...'

  Oh how lovely! and how cute are the little owl eyes peaking through the love hearts!

So these are my picks for the day... oxox